Shakespeare's Antony & Cleopatra: Critical Thinking Questions by Mohamed Zayed

Shakespeare's Antony & Cleopatra: Critical thinking Questions 
Compiled and Prepared by Mohamed Zayed

1) When asked to analyse a quotation, here is the way:

The Great Gatsby: A Definitive Guide by Mohamed Zayed

The Great Gatsby: A Concise Guide by Mohamed Zayed


(1)               Themes of The Great Gatsby

Themes are the fundamental and often universal ideas explored in a literary work.


(1)      Theme of The American Dream as represented in the novel

In the organisation of your answer, you should bear in mind the following outline suggested by our dear doctor:

-         The Definition of the American Dream.

-         Criticism of the American Dream

-         Is the American Dream Corrupted: (1) Importance of Work, (2) High Moral Sense, (3) Egalitarianism [equality], (4)Class [East and West egg and the Valley of Ashes and what they represent], (5) Racism [Tom’s Racism].


Richard Bean's England People Very Nice: Critical Thinking Questions & Answers by Mohamed Zayed

Richard Bean's England People Very Nice: Critical Thinking Questions & Answers
Compiled and Prepared by Mohamed Zayed, MA, Linguist and Legal Translator 

1st Question: 

1)  Discuss the theme of multiculturalism in Richard Bean’s England People Very Nice.


Discuss how Richard Bean tackled the theme of immigration and multiculturalism in the four acts of England People Very Nice, especially how he deals with Muslims.

The Answer

First of all, multiculturalism refers to the multiplicity of nationalities in one single place and the fragmented depiction of the different ethnical groups. It can be explained as a representation of the separate yet parallel existence of the immigrants on the one hand and the native people on the other hand. The theme of multiculturalism is closely related to the theme of immigration since there would be no multiculturalism without immigration.