The Grass Is Singing Movie (Killing Heat)

The Grass Is Singing Movie (Killing Heat) 

"Thank you Dr. Ghada, the one who taught me how to read, live and love a novel!"

This is the movie of the novel "The Grass Is Singing" by Doris Lessing which revolves around the story of the rise and downfall of Mary and Dick Turner. The Turners are an impoverished white  family living in a UK-colonized Southern Africa. During the story many themes appear and dominate the scene such as theme of racism and racial discrimination; and theme of Mary's madness and her irreconcilable state alongside the Turners' being an impoverished, doomed white family in a whites-dominated society heading towards capitalism. It is a story of conflict,sociology, hierarchical struggle,oppression, racism, psychology and human sensibilities. 

N. B. English subtitles are included! 
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